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Category : Diary/Journal

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A҉G҉E҉:  12

W҉H҉A҉T҉  D҉O҉E҉S҉ H҉E҉ L҉O҉O҉K҉  L҉I҉K҉E҉? 

He’s short for his age, skinny, light brown hair,light skin tone, blue eyes. 


He loves to wear blue shorts and a lightning bolt T-shirt. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ D҉O҉E҉S҉ H҉E҉ D҉R҉E҉A҉M҉  A҉B҉O҉U҉T҉?  

Jace dreams to one day see trees,flowers, and snow. Which will make sense once you read the story. 

F҉A҉V҉O҉R҉I҉T҉E҉ F҉O҉O҉D҉? 

His favorite food is Pizza. 

F҉A҉V҉O҉R҉I҉T҉E҉ C҉O҉L҉O҉R҉? 

Their favorite color is Green.

I҉S҉ H҉E҉ L҉I҉K҉E҉D҉  A҉T҉  S҉C҉H҉O҉O҉L҉? 

He gets bullied a lot because of his love for nature. While the other kids don’t really care about nature. 

A҉R҉E҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉

I҉N҉T҉E҉R҉E҉S҉T҉E҉D҉ I҉N҉ S҉P҉O҉R҉T҉S҉?  

He plays soccer ⚽️ at his school. 


He doesn’t have any siblings. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ D҉O҉E҉S҉ H҉E҉ R҉E҉A҉D҉? 

He likes to read gardening magazines. 

D҉O҉E҉S҉ H҉E҉ P҉L҉A҉Y҉ V҉I҉D҉E҉O҉ G҉A҉M҉E҉S҉? 

He plays the guitar after his Mom taught him. 

B҉E҉S҉T҉ F҉R҉I҉E҉N҉D҉? 

He used to have a best friend named Morgan, but she moved away. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉S҉ T҉H҉E҉I҉R҉ F҉R҉I҉E҉N҉D҉ L҉I҉K҉E҉? 

She’s sassy, witty, smart, she has black wavy hair, and always wore pink lipgloss. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ D҉O҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ L҉I҉K҉E҉ A҉B҉O҉U҉T҉ T҉H҉E҉I҉R҉ F҉R҉I҉E҉N҉D҉ 

Jace liked the smart comebacks she had. 

A҉R҉E҉  T҉H҉E҉Y҉ S҉H҉Y҉ O҉R҉ A҉ L҉O҉N҉E҉R҉? 

Jace is a pretty shy kid.

Only opening up to Morgan who he knew since birth, and his parents. 

D҉O҉E҉S҉  Y҉O҉U҉R҉  C҉H҉A҉R҉A҉C҉T҉E҉R҉ C҉R҉Y҉  A҉L҉O҉T҉?

He cries or pouts whenever he’s been bullied. He makes jokes a lot around Morgan and his father though. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ "G҉R҉O҉U҉P҉’  A҉R҉E҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ I҉N҉ D҉U҉R҉I҉N҉G҉  S҉C҉H҉O҉O҉L҉?

He’s a loner in school deciding to stick with himself. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉  D҉O҉  T҉H҉E҉Y҉ W҉A҉N҉T҉ T҉O҉ B҉E҉ W҉H҉E҉N҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ G҉R҉O҉W҉ U҉P҉ 

He hasn’t decided what he wants to be yet. 



Playing guitar

Reading garden magazines 

D҉O҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ P҉L҉A҉Y҉ V҉I҉D҉E҉O҉ G҉A҉M҉E҉S҉? 


W҉H҉A҉T҉ A҉N҉N҉O҉Y҉S҉ T҉H҉E҉M҉? 

Peoples lack of love in nature. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ M҉A҉K҉E҉S҉ T҉H҉E҉M҉ L҉A҉U҉G҉H҉? 

Jokes and riddles. 

D҉O҉G҉ O҉R҉ C҉A҉T҉ P҉E҉R҉S҉O҉N҉?  

Jace is a cat person. 

D҉O҉E҉S҉ H҉E҉ H҉A҉V҉E҉ A҉ P҉E҉T҉? 

He has two goldfish Lewis and Leroy. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ S҉E҉A҉S҉O҉N҉ D҉O҉  T҉H҉E҉Y҉ E҉N҉J҉O҉Y҉ M҉O҉S҉T҉? 

Jace doesn’t know yet. His father thinks he’d love Winter though. 

I҉S҉ H҉E҉ R҉E҉L҉I҉G҉I҉O҉U҉S҉ 

No, he is not. 

W҉H҉E҉R҉E҉ D҉O҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ L҉I҉V҉E҉? 

They live in the suburbs. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ I҉S҉ T҉H҉E҉ W҉O҉R҉S҉T҉ T҉H҉I҉N҉G҉ H҉E҉S҉ D҉O҉N҉E҉? 

He threw dirt at a kid when he was 9. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ A҉R҉E҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ M҉O҉S҉T҉ P҉A҉S҉S҉I҉O҉N҉A҉T҉E҉ A҉B҉O҉U҉T҉? 


W҉H҉A҉T҉ T҉R҉A҉I҉T҉ D҉O҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ F҉I҉N҉D҉ M҉O҉S҉T҉ A҉D҉M҉I҉R҉ A҉B҉L҉E҉? 


L҉E҉A҉D҉E҉R҉ O҉R҉ F҉O҉L҉L҉O҉W҉E҉R҉? 

Jace is a born leader. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ S҉C҉A҉R҉E҉S҉ T҉H҉E҉M҉? 

Spiders and snakes. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ D҉O҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉  D҉O҉ W҉H҉E҉N҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉'R҉E҉  B҉O҉R҉E҉D҉? 

Play with his mothers guitar. 

H҉A҉V҉E҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ E҉V҉E҉R҉ B҉E҉E҉N҉ I҉N҉ L҉O҉V҉E҉?

Yes. Jace loves Morgan. 

D҉O҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ F҉E҉E҉L҉  S҉A҉F҉E҉?

His bullies Hugo and Tyler cause him anxiety. 

W҉H҉A҉T҉ D҉O҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ W҉A҉N҉T҉ T҉H҉E҉ M҉O҉S҉T҉? 

To be able to experience nature like his father did. 

H҉O҉W҉ C҉L҉O҉S҉E҉ A҉R҉E҉ T҉H҉E҉Y҉ T҉O҉ G҉E҉T҉T҉I҉N҉G҉ T҉H҉A҉T҉? 

It’s unclear how far or how close he is to getting that

N҉E҉G҉A҉T҉I҉V҉E҉ F҉O҉R҉C҉E҉S҉? 

He gets bullied at school for his interest in nature. 

D҉O҉E҉S҉ H҉E҉  H҉A҉V҉E҉ A҉N҉Y҉O҉N҉E҉  T҉O҉ C҉O҉N҉F҉I҉D҉E҉  I҉N҉? 

He confides in his father the most. Who just like him loves the beauty of nature. 

D҉O҉E҉S҉ Y҉O҉U҉R҉ C҉H҉A҉R҉A҉C҉T҉E҉R҉ L҉O҉O҉K҉

A҉T҉ T҉H҉E҉ W҉O҉R҉L҉D҉ A҉S҉ B҉E҉I҉N҉G҉ H҉A҉L҉F҉ F҉U҉L҉L҉ O҉R҉ H҉A҉L҉F҉ E҉M҉P҉T҉Y҉? 

He looks at it being half full.


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