How To See The Demon Within Your Lover Read Count : 11

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Horror

Within all of us

A demon lies in wait

Even for the best of us

Its too late

With our first kiss

He begins to grow

Then with each sin

He continues to win

Let the madness begin

Indulgence his fin

Each passing day

You feed him again

As he swims in

Your sexual encounters

He will start to seep in

Slow and unnoticeable at first

Then before you know it

You should fear the worst

For he cannot quinch his thirst

Any drug brings him full circle

You won't recognize him

The Beast

Until he takes over

He grants your darkest desires 

Your deepest pleasure


He becomes extremely cleaver

He is now a part of you forever

If you wish to see your lovers 


You must prepare yourself

For what might be a feast

Turn your lights down very low

Where you can barely see his face

In the glow

Let the passion flow

With your eyes closed

Let the extacy unfold

Then open your eyes 

Just before you let go

As you are in the throws

Now look at his face

With the blackest of eyes

Three times their normal size

You might even see his fangs

Its quite the surprise

At your first glance

You will be terrified

The look on his face

Will devour your soul

You will no longer feel whole

It won't take you long 

To look away

At that moment

You can't say his name

You don't want him to stay

You no longer wish to play

But there's no way 

To keep him at bay

Now that you have seen him

He will return

Day after day

And in time

You will realize

Its okay


  • Jan 28, 2019

  • this is awesome! great work.

    Feb 22, 2019

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