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A link between the present future and past
They are unavoidably destined to last
There are the good and the bad
The sum-total of all the experiences 
You’ve ever had
They encompass every emotion that exists 
The bad as well as the good ones persist 
Dancing through your brain like electricity 
They can be muddled or 
remembered  specifically 

The bad ones recalled can be painful 
Both agonizing and distainful 
We try to block them out often
Hoping that will help our lives soften 

But they too have value and purpose 
Though we may not realize it 
on the surface
It give us a balance of awareness 
To avoid the causes and lead to progress 

The good ones iof course are a pleasure 
They’re the ones we hold on to 
and treasure 

It’s important to balance both details
So we can modify or eliminate what fails
In that way we hope for progress 
To ensure that we find true happiness 


  • Jan 27, 2019

  • I love this poem

    Jan 27, 2019

  • Eloquently expressed 💜

    Jan 27, 2019

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