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   Life is like a magnet!

      When you are a child you play with magnets because they are fun. They have a negative side and a positive side. Either they stick together or they pull away from each other. We use them on the refrigerator to hold things on it. The way I look at it though is that life is like a magnet; we are like a magnet. We are like magnets when it comes to family. We either surround ourselves with the people we love or we push the ones away that are a bad reflection on you and your life. The same goes with friends. Some friends are good for you and you attract yourself to them and stick close by them and some of them are just an enemy in disguise so you repell them, you push them away right out of your life. A magnet always makes the right decision right from the beginning. They know what it is they like and want and what they don't. We may not have that ability to know but we quickly figure out what and who is good for us and what and who isn't. We work like magnets when it comes to family and friends but even more so with a relationship. We don't always know who we are meant to be with for the rest of our lives. We learn by trial and error just as we would as a child playing with them. They have to be tested and so do relationships otherwise you will never know who you are supposed to be with. If you force the two negative sides or two positive sides together and hold it there there is no way they can be separated until you let go. Life is like that though. You can keep that hold for years and years and then one day lose grip and then the attraction is all done, no more, that's it. However, if you put the negative side with the positive side magnet of life things will work for you in your favor. You will have that attraction, you will have what you have been needing and wanting and working towards your whole life. You will have that closeness that you so desperately need. You will finally be happy. We learn through mistakes and the same goes with magnets. Magnets are an amazing thing. The way it is in life is you have to learn to live life without what you want and start living life for what you need and what is meant to be. We are all like magnets. We never know at the time what is meant to be unless we try. Life is like a magnet. We just have to keep trying until we find the right end of the magnet. There will always be a positive side and a negative side of our magnet like life. 

                                                  Mildred Springer 


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