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Time for bed i thought as i quietly slipped under the covers i turned to my side as usual my boyfriend said his goodnight and drifted off to sleep so did i.Wait where am i? where is this place? am i dreaming it? maybe if i........(thumping) i wonder what is making that noise,"Ari this is not the time neither the place we have to find a nearby village or house just keep walking" my thoughts were right let's just keep moving no looking back i kept following the trail (footsteps)...........," anyone there?" no answer only silence ok i got to walk fast why am i still hearing it i got to run as fast as possible.

   Thank goodness a house maybe someone lives here and can help me i slowly walked up to the house and pushed the door open it made a creepy creaking sound i called out,"hello?" no answer i tried again,"Hello can someone please help i am need help please" still no answer, i slowly looked around catiously the place looks abandoned like no one had lived in it in decades,"oh damn it the phone doesn't work" maybe there is a working one upstairs i quietly walked upstairs i searched and searched for a working phone,"why isn't any working" i thought then something caught my attention (Growling) it came from INSIDE!!!.

    I quietly peeped outside, "a demon?" i thought this thing had wings,its eyes are yellow, his teeth has fangs with fresh blood dripping down from it, panicking i hid in the closet i wanted to cry i didnt know what to do or who to call there was no connection i sat there praying for it to leave just then.........(creaking).......i heard the floor boards creak staring into the tiny hole from the closet i can see the figure it is coming my way i was scared i closed my eyes and prayed the closet door opened it found me i tried to run no use it caught me screaming and kicking, it cut open my chest tearing and gawning out my torso and organs blood splattered and made a mess i knew then i was dead, i woke up screaming with sweat dripping down on my face i had woken up my boyfriend,"you had a nightmare?"

i looked at him and asked," did you know?" because you got up screaming he said he looked at me and said don't worry it was only a nightmare as i felt something sharp touches me i realized what that nightmare meant at that moment and now its about to begin........


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