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   My grandmother may seem selfish sometimes, but she truly has a good heart as I have witnessed that generosity myself. With her temper, I am not surprised because of her past as a child. She was faced with her dad as an abusive alcoholic when she was just a small child. She was terrified, of the rigors pain she faced everyday. The true horror of what she witnessed,  as her father killed himself  made her life even  worst.  I can tell, she never got over that pain.  She bottled it up inside, and hardly ever revealed it to anyone. 

   She didn't have much education, but in her own way she has a certain amount of intelligence. Her simple love, for what she does is certainly attractive to most people. Outside in the open, she seems like a nice social old lady. She has many friends, and has seen many places in the United States I could only dream. She's been to the Grand Canyon, the Himalayas, Florida, and yes even Washington DC. The face of what we see, makes us want to be better than what we are. She is been helpful in encouraging me, all these years.

   There is one special thing about my grandmother, which she brings to my family. That gift is humor, even though she's a bit of a klutz she seems to always be able to laugh things off later on. I remember a friend coming up to me one day, and telling me an old lady out balled him and another friend. I knew this had to be my grandmother, because she's one of the top bowler's in the state. Very few people in my region, can out-bowl my grandmother. Truly a marvelous woman, considering she's broken every bone in her body, some two or three times.


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