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   My grandfather is a kind loving soul, who serves an open mind. So he likes the knowledge of the outside world I have gained oh, he has faced many trials in his life earning my full respect and love. When he was just a boy, he was faced with being the youngest out of his brothers. He spent most of his young life, wanting to do things that we're out of his hands yet he accomplished everything he could. He firm the land, and formed a bond with it that very few members of my family would ever truly understand. The face he wears, is the same face I remember the boy. Kind, loving, gentle with very little of a temper. In fact, there've only been a few occasions where I've ever seen him blow his top.

   My grandfather has been struck by lightning, he had a heart attack which homeless cleaned his life, and his faced drought in his life. Even though most of his family died, while he was a very young age, he still survived agonizing pain. Even as a boy, I remembered his lack of fingers, due to accidents while making crafts and furniture. The side of my grandpa few know of, is his artistic side. At one time, he would travel to craft shows all around the United States to sell his work. Beautiful crafts, painted by my grandmother.

   I think I may have inherited his creative sense, as I write, draw, and enjoy nature. My grandpa was always different from his brothers and sisters. I know I inherited this, because I'm different than most of my family. The natural red highlights in my beard, I know comes from my old family genes. My eyes, piercing tenderly into one's soul. Most of all, like him I have faced many challenges in my life which has only made me stronger. I may not have inherited everything for my grandfather, but I'm more like him then my family realize. That is something I can only be proud of.


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