The Alone Robot Read Count : 3

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama

One girl named samantha was yelling at her mom saying robots are fake mom says there real Sam says fake mom says real and they argue Sam says fine if there real give me proof mom says go to the tron place and go in the room that has an I on it and there will be a robot sam says ok the robot is locked in the room hes and hungry and dead he ran out of batteries a kidnapper kidnapped the robot then the kidnapper died so he could not put batteries in the robot so the robot died  sam looks at her phone and it says 3 tmin 3 min later sam is at the tron place she brought batteries just in case and went in she asked they guy where is level I the guy said the top floor she went in the elevator and she pressed the one that said TF there was level d level h level m level z level I she went in that door but it was locked she saw a sign that key and it was pointing inside the vent she went in the vent and there was a orange key that I key she grabbed it and opened the door and saw A ROBOT she touched the robot and he felt like dust he was fading away she put batteries in the robot he came back apart the robot woke and saw samantha sam said come on let's have fun and they had a great flipping time


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