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It was the break of dawn and i had already woken up and was preparing breakfast until i heard a knock at the front door i slowly opened the door to see my friend avinash standing in front of me with a joyful expression i motioned for him to come inside and sit he did just so and said me and two other friends are going to explore the forest do you want to join?.I looked at him for a moment and without thinking said yes he excitedly jumped out of the couch and said be ready by 10 as he walked of to the direction of his house.

   It was already 10am and i was already dressed and prepared i heard a car pull up to my driveway and heard to doorbell rang i headed downstairs to see avinash waiting patiently i packed all my stuff and was already in the car,

the drive wasn't that long we had made it to the forest i started to get an uneven feeling a feeling of dreadfullness something did not feel right but i thought it was my mind playing tricks on me so i brushed it off.

 We all came out of the car and started walking avinash and aaron carried some supplies while me and jessie just stayed close together it was getting more darker as we head further into the forest i felt that same feeling i got earlier this evening and i knew something wasn't right i felt it,i knew it.

    Oh no i lost sight of jessie, Wait wasn't jessie just here? i thought i panicked and called out avinash and aaron they both came by me and asked what was wrong,"jessie is missing!" i exclaimed they were confused we called her and searched to no luck it like she just vanished into thin air  when i was about to give up i had found some blood trail. I called the guys we carefully and quietly followed the trail and found at the ending of it a body ripped and slashed open blood splattered everywhere torso's pulled out it was a horrible sight i felt sick to my stomach i looked at the clothing and it was jess own i felt like i wanted to scream, avinash said"let's go we have to leave now!" we made a run for it.

     It wasn't that long until we reached the car and sped off avinash didn't stop until we were far away from the forest aaron and i looked at him in shocked he turned to us and said,"i know you both are thinking why i said lets go, well let me tell you why there is this thing living in the forest but i didn't believe it was true and i still wanted us to go and explore the forest but i didn't thought one of us would have gotten killed" it left both me and aaron in shocked and it had me thinking what was in the forest?


  • Brady Mccann

    Brady Mccann

    i love this

    Jan 26, 2019

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