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Oh My keeper!,Oh My beloved one!

You believe on me like no one could ever do. I love you like you would never know. Oh dear! don't put yourself in Mind games. Oh believer! Believe me you will meet thousands of people who say they love you but they will not perhaps, the one who will,wouldn't tell you, or there is no need to tell either, Because I can feel his love for you.

And when loneliness haunt you, seek help from Me. I'm into you,I'm you ,I'm within you. Ohh keeper! open up your sorrows. I'm so little to keep your grudges so long, when sometimes I feel heavy and not able to guide you righteous path don't make yourself fragile then. The circle of life is big and your worries and joy are small they come,they go, but I'll remain forever till your last breath. And believe me dear whether you choose me or not I'll choose you. 

The tougher you become the loner you will, 

the kindest you are the crushed you become Everything makes you hurt  unless you wouldn't become stronger enough to deal with it. So don't be panic with this hurtness till I'm with you

Because wounds are meant to be heal

And joy are meant to be come!


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