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       Let me 


     Let me be strong, because right now I am weak. Let me get over you because right now it hurts too much to think about you. Let me accept that you don't love me anymore and don't want to be with me anymore. Please let me just accept that. It hurts too much thinking about you. Let me hold on to the fear of death just a little bit longer because without that I would be with my father. I know it wouldn't bother you so why should it bother me. That is the only thing keeping me around. Let me feel what it's like to be happy again. I don't know what that feels like anymore. Let me feel the freedom and actually enjoy it. I need that more than ever right now. Let me feel like I'm needed, like I'm wanted. I don't know what it is about me that is so unlovable but let me start feeling the love. Let me live my life without you, without the pain without the hurt. Let me get over all the good memories we've had together and start feeling happy. Let me start feeling good about myself. That is something I haven't felt in a very long time. I don't think I ever have.  Let me have the confidence in myself that I have never had. Let me love myself. That is what I need right now. I have family and friends by my side loving me but I need to learn to love myself also. Let me be me again. Let me feel the way I used to. Let me care about me. I don't know what that feels like. Let me have the confidence I need to speak up for myself without it coming back on me.  I have never stood up for myself with anyone. Let me do things for myself without me having to worry about you. It is hard not to think about you.  The simple fact of everything is that I still love you and I probably always will but until I can let go of you help me with all these let me's. Let me mend my broken heart. Let me possibly love again. I love you but you don't love me anymore so let me get over you. Let me be the person I have always wanted to be. Let me learn my lessons from the mistakes I have made. Let me do all these things. I know it will take a while to get over you after all that we have been through but maybe just maybe you can help me help myself and let me slowly start to get over you and all the memories we have had together. Please just let me get over going on without you and please let me be me. I know I don't regret marrying you but you do me. I wish there was something I could do to change that but I know it is never going to happen. Just thinking of you right now I start crying. I know you don't want to be with me anymore but I still hope we can still be friends. I can barely handle not being with you or near you I don't know what I would do if I lost you as a friend too. I wouldn't be able to handle that. When we first got together I could literally see us being together the rest of our lives. I just did not see this coming at all. I knew we fought a lot but deep down I thought you still cared for me and loved me. That's why I tried so hard to make this work. But as I always say marriage is a two way street and we obviously both went down a different one. When did the love for me disappear out of your heart and why. Please just let me get through this in one piece, without you.  I'm strong I know I can do it I just need help along the way and having you as a friend even though we aren't together anymore will help me. At least this way I know I can still have you as my friend just like it was in school. I just thought it would be forever because I waited for you for so long and finally got together but it started out as friendship and I pray that is how it stays. I would be happy with just friendship. Just let me have that. Let me get over you as a husband and let me have you back as a friend. Let me have a piece of mind. Let me have a piece of me back. Just let me please. 

                                                  Mildred springer


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