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  The Sad Man in the Moon

     When we see a full moon we can see the man in the moon. I believe that if we are happy we see a happy smiling face. If we are angry we see an angry face. If we are scared we see that face too and i also believe if we are sad and feeling alone we see a sad face. The face we see resembles our true feelings. There are so many different emotions out there that all make us balanced. Most of the time we see one face more than most. It all depends on how you feel most of the time. For me lately all I have been seeing is the sad part of the man in the moon. I sometimes feel I can even see him or her with the sad face even when the moon is not full. I also feel the man in the moon's reflection even during broad daylight. I believe the moon is a reflection of us just as much as it is the reflection of the sun. What we see in that moon is our true feelings. When I look at the moon all I see in there is the sad face, the depressed face, and the crying face.  The moon is almost like the lake or the beach you visit every summer day you can. No matter what feelings you are trying to show your true feelings show in that water or show in the face of the moon. We think just because the moon is so far away from us we can hide our true feelings and show everyone the feelings we want everyone else to see. Maybe everyone else can't see our true reflection in the moon so we can hide them and show them as we wish we see them ourselves. No matter how much we try to hide it, no matter how bad we want to believe, we see something different in the moon we can't. We ourselves can not hide from our own feelings. I know I wish we could. Maybe I wouldn't be in so much pain right now from all of this. I wish I had the strength i need to get over you but i don't right now. I can pretend that man in the moon is smiling back at me but it isn't.  The reflection I am seeing is a painful one, a crying one and a very sad and hurt one. I will though one day see the happy reflection from the man in the moon. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday soon I hope I will see the happy face in the moon instead of the sad face in the moon. I will get over this sad phase in my life and one day be happy again. That is one promise I am making to everyone but more importantly to myself. I one day will see the happy face in the moon and not the sad version of the man in the moon. 


                                                  Mildred Springer


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