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It was late Friday evening. The temperature was dropping into the 50s and for me, Florida raised and sensative to the cold, I was shivering - teeth chattering as I was passing down Orange Avenue on my way back to the office. My day was pretty much done and I was heading in to wrap it up. Though my head was burried pretty deep inside my jacket a sign caught my attention. 

Tampa is so rich in history and remembering that February brings us into our celebration for Black History Month I though this a perfect place to encourage people to come learn more about the African America culture in our community. This park is literally jam packed for audiences of all ages. Even for those serious history and culture students, challenge yourself. There may be facets of this rich history you weren't aware of. They cover a lot of ground.

This park has been lovingly developed by a serious list of contributors and you can tell how deeply they felt about what they were hoping to capture when you see this place. It is pretty awesome.

The weblink and many many photos for a sneak peek can be found here at: www.tampagov.net/perry-harvey-sr-park


  • Jan 26, 2019

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