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Habit is formed due to something we repeat for a long time. Well, in my instance; I have grown up in a family that is closely knit and that often asks a usual question like, ‘what are you doing?’, ‘who are you talking to?’, etc. So for a person like me, these questions are the usual norm.....as i grew up and got into various relationships; some really got offended with these questions. They felt I was bring intrusive. Some would even say, I will tell you should it matter. For few years, I never understood why was it so tough for them to respond to usual questions. Aha! Then on a long conversation with a dear friend, I expressed my disbelief to which my friend beautifully gave me an insight. Different people have different perspectives of norms. Every person regards the same things differently. Which means what could be normal may be intrusive for another. It always better to accept the person the way they are. Whilst making this conversation it also occured there was no need to be intrusive, possessive, insecure and ask anyone questions. A question should only be asked when it is comfortable. It should be asked to create meaningful conversations, creating positive vibrations and deeper bonds. 

Sometimes, we fail to see our own vibrations to another person and get all mixed up in negative emotions. It is best to accept a person completely instead of trying to change anyone to your need. I realized I had to break away from my past habit. This was not because one or two I was close to did not like it. It was because it caused me a lot of pain and confusion. Acceptance can heal half the pain. Implementation can cool it off; persistence of the habit will technically make one a butterfly as you can actually feel a NEW habit being replaced instead of the OLD. Always work on becoming a newer version. You will enjoy transformations. They help you stay ahead of trivial things that impact you. Stay atop higher frequency vibrations. It will empower you....Go for the kill.....BREAK your Pattern; Adorn the NEW


  • Feb 21, 2019

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