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All this days I was writing about triclosure but never really could make out what it exactly meant in the words of myth. I even don't know to call it a myth or reality but trust me what I had written is just the half and this post should complete it. 

I just felt like enquiry my friend satanopediaology writings to find the post which gives details about the lucifer's entry and what I found is the entire writings of him has got erased and no writings of him is available. I don't know whether it is accidental or intentional but still without his writings I can still conclude the final edition of triclosure.

TRICLOSURE refers to the 3 things and when joined with 2 things, it operates as a time machine and gives access to all the phases of time.

After hearing this excitement would increase for everyone but this equipment is not meant for human usage and has the highest level of dangerous consequences to those who lure to acquire it because it is sealed by ALMIGHTY GOD's evil powers and would be used only by that person who is GOD chosen, even angels can't use it only GOD CHOOSEN. 

Many would be wondering and might assume this has a myth, even I feel the same but normally before ALMIGHTY GOD does something HE has a habit of announcing things in advance through HIS messenger. I don't want nor would dream of a messenger but I can confirm one thing. That GOD CHOOSEN is too soon to be heard and if I am lucky I would even get a chance to view his actions in front of my eyes. 

O GOD please keep me alive to see YOURS MIRACLE because this is what I am eagerly waiting from many years. This earth should experience YOUR KINGDOM, though our lifestyle would get reduced to zero still we would be gifted with a life that would be far most better than what we are leading now. 

A life free from hatred of various caste, creed, sect, religion, color and other shit things. We don't want a earth with so many black hole complexities but instead a simple earth with normal happy life for all of us. A planet free from beggars, diseases, natural calamities, crime and so on. We don't want any other ruler except YOU MY GOD. We all should be YOUR subjects, singing YOUR glory and taking YOUR name. That is the ultimate one we can get and definitely the root of all the action taken to finish the final edition of TRICLOSURE. 


  • u idiot

    Jan 25, 2019

  • Don't worry I will return back with a new facade

    Jan 26, 2019

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