Adventrue To The Desert By Brady The Adventurer With Brom And John Read Count : 1

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure

Brady says guys today is the day John says what day brady says were going to the desert the all scream yay they put on  stuff to wear when it's hot and then they walk out the door and ADVENTRUE brom puts on his zoom control thing on and he sees a sign that says this way to Africa of the desert john says theres a cactus brady says were getting on the right track then a camel runs down and knocks john and brady down brom says are you ok john and brady say fine a guy named kizamiachi said yyfjg hkj hfghhjjvg brom and john and brady say what brom runs and john runs and brady runs to the desert the explorer ALL OVER john and brom found a note in a cactus john says hey brady we found a note brady runs over to the note it says go to the cactus that's yellow so they explore 4 hours later  the cactus says your trapped and a Trapp goes on the kids to be continued 


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