The Zumbrie Part 5 By Br Stines Read Count : 2

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

Once a boy named Cole could never ever go to bed cause where he lives Halloween is every day and every day theres where life zombies that's why he can not go to bed the zombies are always in his house and RL stines made the other parts and I made part 4 and the zombies go in Coles room and this shows you what happened next Cole did not know what to do he hid under its bed that was not a good place a ZUMBRIE WAS THERE he got scratched by the zombies teeth and Cole ran out of the bed another ZUMBRIE WAS THERE the zumbrie grabbed cole in his arms opened his mouth Coles girlfriend Sierra went in his room but a zumbrie was behind her grabbed her took her away Cole screamed no he cried Cole said that's it he kicked the zumbrie but they do not die  one zumbrie said this looks like a good dinner the zumbrie grabbed a fork and a knife Cole saw the knife he ran to find Sierra she was no where to be found then the zumbrie says mikey zum you try to eat him I'll get his parents the zumbrie grabs tape puts it on there mouth they wake up and scream AH! But the sun is coming the zumbrie are fading away one of the zumbrie stomach fades away and Sierras there cole says oh my God I'm so glad your ok but shes a zumbrie to be continued .


  • Jan 25, 2019

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