The Zumbrie By Br Stines Read Count : 15

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

Cole here's a BANG and he tip toes down the stairs the zumbrie are there and the door is on the floor Cole locks the door he looks on his right theres a zombie mask Cole looks threw the key hole theres a bunch of ZUMBRIES cole screams HELP HELP HELP Sierra Coles girlfriend here's it and runs one of the zumbries knock down the key hole then the door Cole screams super duper Luper fuper kuper huper LOUD AHHHHHH Sierra said I'm coming so a zumbrie hides under the bed another zumbrie stands near the bed another zombie is near his tv and another zumbrie is near the tv and all the rest of the zumbries are near Coles bed Sierra gets in the house Cole hides under the bed a zumbrie follows Sierra and ... to be continued 


  • Jan 25, 2019

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