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One night with my friends we were all talking about camp the next day "of course it is gonna be fun" said my BFF cora she's the nicest kindest person you could ever be friends with just so you know.Well that morning we arrived at camp it was amazing until night...

We all heard a scream coming from the girls nexr door no one knew what do to do so we went to look and oh my God this girl was bleeding while lying on the floor in the middle of the bunks gosh it was horrible her eyes were white and there was blood everywhere it was the grossed thing I ever saw. Then u woke up I thought to my self "it was just a dream thank god" but then as I looked at the clock it was 12:04am that's before it happened in my dream!! So I woke everyone up in my cabin and told them what happened and just before the clock changed mini the girl opposite Me said " you had that dream to?" Then it hit 12:05pm we heard the scream we rushed there and there she was in the dream she was d...d...DEAD!!!! The next morning we all were eating and while I was eating the cook was fleeing at me with her big blue eyes with a big evil grin on her face with a lichen knife in her hand then she put it down and stopped looking at me " she's so weird!" I heard the girls on the other table next to us. They were called the sassy cats because they are sassy and mean ugh I hated them so much!! " don't worry about them" said cora trying to whisper " I heard that ms. Clover was in that room last night" said cora my face was pale as snow I was terrified. That night I just  couldn't sleep but my next book to find out!


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