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There is an old man

The townspeople hate

He would sit near stores

And beg for their change

It was a major inconvenience

To most everyone around

"He's filthy and creepy"

Is the voice they would sound

Nobody ever really knew him

And nobody really cared

When he held up his sign

They'd look away or even stare

He had his own demons 

And they were never aware

His wife left him for his brother

After he lost his job

The old man's mind was lost

Somewhere back in Vietnam

His kids had been killed

By some drunk in a car

When she should've been home

Instead of drinking at the bar

When you see him on the street

Throw him some money

Cause if the system kills YOU

It won't be so funny, honey


  • Jan 23, 2019

  • Jan 23, 2019

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