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     First thing I've learned studying tarot is that it's pronounced tar-oh and not rhyming with carrot. Came as a shock to me too. Second, is that interpreting them is harder then knowing what the cards mean by themselves. As well as answering someone else's question. This is something I wanted to write about because I need to pick up the amount I write to at least every other day if I ever want to get better. Anywho, tarot has a lot more uses I originally thought. At first like most people I thought it was just for divination and a cool party trick to wow my friends. But the more I get into my readings and the more I study, I realized that this has actually helped me reflect on a situation as well as make me come up with a reasonable answer.

       The first question I asked was a single card read, How would tarot effect my life? I chose this sort of like asking a magic 8 ball something you already know to see if it is legit. I got hangman. Which is a symbol for change of perspective. Talk about good first impression. I'll start recording my spreads to share with you guys if you're interested. Or if you have any questions, I need the practice. 


  • Good luck with that

    Jan 23, 2019

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