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Hello, my love

How are you feeling tonight? 

I wish I could be there

I wish I could hold you tight

But just for now I want to say

I've loved you all your life

I can't wait for the day

This hurt finally says goodbye

I love you honey,

This will always be so true

Right up past the day

That I can finally see you

But until that day comes

I'll keep you in my heart

And keep the good times 

Like we were never apart


  • Jan 23, 2019

  • That is super sad.

    Jan 23, 2019

  • The last line confused me... I'm still confused, please explain!. But the rest I understood just fine, and it's very well written! Sad, but well written.

    Jan 23, 2019

  • Jan 23, 2019

  • 💜

    Jan 23, 2019

  • Jan 23, 2019

  • Teresíta Rivera

    Teresíta Rivera

    absolutely beautiful <3

    Jan 24, 2019

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