Looking Through A Child's Eyes 26-30 Read Count : 4

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Poem 26

One, Two, Three, learning my numbers you see...

We learn so much in a short time that seems to flow away like a river.

A class that mostly learns to be creative, to play with puzzles and to read simple things...

What I wouldn't give to have those lively days, if only in my dreams.

A magic stick, a dog that went yip, and a boy named Pip.

Garden of new beginnings, Kindergarten.

Poem 27

All Hallow's Eve,

the day of pranks and tepees.

A spooky house, haunted forest, or shool, first kisses in the moonlight, and hayrides too.

A time to scare your friends or watch a scary movie or two.

Spooks and Spoils, on such a night, that you will take for the rest of your life.

                     What a fun-filled night!                  

Poem 28

Bewitched by those who would betray, learning who your friends are,

and what it would take.

Through trial and error you will learn, who you can trust and who are the worms.

Slimy as they set you up for the pay, as they tell you to do something just to cause you. great pain.

Poem 29

New kid in town, time to play, he or she is judged harshly by native children in the day.

A few want to befriend you right away, but some are more popular and that's what you think you want to be.

You follow the code to the letter, but they dump the bag and say "go away."

There is only those who were your friends right away, so go to them and one day you'll say. "I made real friends that day."

Poem 30

Flowers in the garden, dazzled by the flowers in the month of May. 

I would often pick dandelions for my mother, but she would always smile and say,

"What a pretty flower you picked today."

I was so happy to see the blooms on all of the trees. The light which shimmers from the top of the petals danced in the wind on the sunniest days in the month of May.


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