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   The world can be complicated, and the even more complex than what we believe. People are difficult to work with sometimes, even though some of us like myself enjoy it. We listen to news media sources, which often reveals only small portions of stories. We see a world running into chaos, and we don't know where to flee, or how we can stop it. The best way to stop problems from happening, is to prevent them from happening. If we intervene, that hatred will always remain. If we prevent our problem, those scars will have never existed. I look to unify people, remind them of things that are really important, remind them that there are other facts that needs to be investigated. Some people think this comes from a narrow mind, yet they're so blind as they can't see the true picture.

   To build a bridge, you need to know both sides of the plateau. You need to know how long the bridge will need to be, and how to build a sturdy one. Fair trade between countries is a good example. If a country has two different surpluses, and they can share equally, then why not share? If you're hungry, I would like to feed you. The question is, why are you hungry? Is it your fault, because of your negligence? Or is it because the world has dealt you a bad hand, much like myself? Any big project needs the foundation, but how do you find someone who's willing to support it? You need a like-minded individual, who can afford to help. So many good dreams, which could go to waste. Why not ask yourself, what do you dream about? What kind of bridge would you want to build?

   Once you have the foundation you build the rails, designed to keep you from falling off. Than you build the supports so it won't sway. Then you have to be willing to walk across that very bridge. If you are successful, you have created the way around the cause of the problems. There are so many people, who are interested in building obstacles and hurdles. Why not build something else, that will last and be sign peace. I know there will come a day when I can achieve my goals, when I become the kind of man that's being expected of me, the kind of person deep inside.


  • Jan 22, 2019

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