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Sub Category : Romance
Dear him, you know that lately things have been so hard for me and for that reason I let you go, but believe me I didn’t want to hurt you but it appears difficult as you hurt me. You hurt me bad and it kills me to shut you off completely like this. I want you, I need you but I loathe and hate you. It’s confusing. The heart and the mind is so weak and fragile that I get confused between yes and no, between want and need and between love and hate. I miss your gentle and protective cuddles at night and I long for your soft thin lips on mine in the morning but I would be lying to myself and you if I said I wanted you back. For me it’s the right decision but to you it’s wrong, you see yourself changing and we live this fairytale ending but if our relationship is a fairytale then it’s a long ass story where the damsel in distress isn’t saved by the knight but is stabbed in the heart by the dragon and instead of living happily ever after she lives in misery and sadness. You see from my point of view there is no fairytale at all. I’m sorry for your loss it kills me greatly I wish I could go back to the naive feelings where I could kiss you and in a heart beat all is forgotten , however that naive me was treated poorly and I’m afraid you took advantage of my love and trust and now you lie in bed alone. I will love you always and miss you highly but I have now stolen the key to my cage and I have began to live freely so darling him what I am trying to say is...goodbye.


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