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Our lives are filled with decisions 
Some trivial some comical some critical
We make them based on our needs
and desires
We are for the most part-social people 
Relationships are often the most
Significant and at times most perplexing 
In a relationships that we perceive 
as negative we often continue them 
because our needs are so great and we 
cannot visualize alternatives
Yet for most situations there are 
other choices 
What sometimes holds us back is  
the unknown 
Thus we stay with what we know 
in spite of the pain it may cause 
Those who change or modify a relationship have enough strength and
self image to risk the unknown 
Choices can go in different directions 
but the motivation to survive and improve your quality of life can be the 
deciding factor 
It’s also important to realize that making
no choice is also a decision 
Simply said-Staying in a suffering situation or seeking a better way for a
better life it’s your choice 


  • Jan 22, 2019

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