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               Broken Words.

Please bare with me it’s been a minute free versing emotions like a interlude. 

Why cant you stay

You been away 

But I know you wishing 

Hot sex in a burnin kitchen?

Maybe that’s to far 

I’ve been ajar 

You where art 

Baby To my heart

Where did it go?

I left the room 

We where Intoned

I heard the tunes

It got quite 

I heard the silence

I felt astray 

It’s was no longer we


Or anyway

What was the cost?

To be lost

Can I have a dollar boss?

That’s what you wanted 

To take control 

Become a summit 

I wanted love 

You wanted control 

So we climbed the pole

At the top there only seat for 1

You declined 

Now.. I shine 

This life of sin 

No Tupac 

No me and my girlfriend

Can you lend?

Just a piece of your heart 

So I can be?

Complete fully like a melody

Instead I loop 

As you swoop 

in and out my brain

It’s not the same 

But they all are

Same car

Same dream 

Same theme

Same bling

Same places 

Same races 

Same cases

Still the same empty places

In my heart 

I thought I healed

Instead a mask and a gun

“Give up the love you hear”

Robbing me of something..

I no longer have

And I rob then of something..

I wish you’ll rather have

Time and effort 

A finite thing

Me and you 


Like a bird sings.

Instead it’s me and doe

No John though 

I don’t swing that way 

But maybe you do sway

Can you stay? 

You’ve been away

Don’t go

Come flow

It was all a lie

You wanted goodbye 

You wanted hurt

You wanted to cry

In the Sky 

We sigh 

Not meant to be 

Why why why?

Over and over I ask

As you are the one for me

Can’t you see?

We are the perfect Melody

Why can’t you stay

And love me whichever way..


  • Jan 21, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Deep and difficult 🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Jan 26, 2019

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