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It's been 2 years since I last spoke about what I really am, since then I've graduated school and worn combat boots in Georgia's sand, this teddy bear can withstand the screams of a Drill Sergeant, the taunts of society but when it comes to his heart he's still falling apart, his seams still pop and his stuffing still spills, this vulnerable teddy bear needs to learn what's real, You see you can't be teddy bear then become a grizzly bear overnight, shit stuff animals aren't real animals we're all bark but no bite, You can show us love and affection and we'll love you right back, but stop giving us attention and you'll drive us all mad, it's like I have a battery pack that runs off of feeling wanted and loved, cause I automatically shut off when I do something dumb, my mind hits the brakes and my heart flys out because who wears seat belts, only smart people do cause they restrain them from what I felt, i have millions of analogies for what I am, a teddy bear, a dog, shit even a basket ball with no air, cause I break easily no matter what stitching you give me, i fall hard and care for all even after they hurt me, and I once had a tough exterior till it was broken to reveal I was full of hot air, either way the point is after all these years I'm still a teddy bear, I'm still the Winnie the pooh of Romeo and Juliet, im still gonna get hurt regardless of if I want to yet.


  • Jan 21, 2019

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