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"I swear he's trying to kill me!" pleaded Jamie. His mum smiled knowingly, the same patronising smile she always gave when she thought he was being rediculuous. 

"Why would Herr Hoffman want to kill you sweety?" she asked. " He doesn't know you my darling. If it was one of us I could understand, but..." She smiled again and he had to clench his fists to stop himself biting back the remark he had on the tip of his tongue. 

He took a deep breath. he knew it was ridiculous, knew that the old man was not trying to kill him, but there had been so many near misses whilst he was near. a scaffolding pipe had fallen from the top of the scaffolding; a digger he was driving almost backed in to him; an antique gun he was playing around with accidentally went off with a live bullet in it and missed him by inches. All seeming accidents but it was becoming too frequent...too much like they were not accidents. 

the latest incident had made him come to his mum and dad and, by the way they were looking at him, he wished he hadn't now. 

He had been standing in a a relatively deep pit digging down to try and find the end of a ceramic dish he'd found the end of the previous evening. As he was digging he just happened to look up in time to see a mound of earth being tipped in by a digger. he had screamed but was buried instantly. It must have been the scream that saved him, as a few seconds later he was being dug out by some of the site's archaeologists. Herr Hoffman was full of apologies but, when he looked at Jamie he somehow knew that he had done it deliberately. so he had come to his parents and now wishing he hadn't. 



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