Not Everyone Are What They Seem... Read Count : 12

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
I saw it coming maybe deep down 
I knew it was going to make me stronger 
Deep down maybe I knew I deserved it 
But I also know that it was a lot to take in 
And I don’t know how I survived. Is a miracle 
I’m still alive. Thanks to God.

The first time it really hurt me and impacted me 
Was when I realized that he wasn’t the person 
I thought he was, he was different it was like 
He was being controlled by something, someone,I was scared, I didn’t know what to do 
What was I supposed to do ? How was I supposed to react to this ? I thought about running , I thought about leaving but the thought of leaving behind my family just made it impossible but after that day I lost the definition of ‘Love ‘. 
Two days later it happened again it was on a Wednesday yea, that day hit me really bad I started to feel anxiety I didn’t feel good I didn’t feel safe in my own house... I called my brother and told him what happened when I talked to him face to face he told me “ you shouldn’t have hide in the bathroom “ but what else can I do I was scared I didn’t know what that man was capable of . I just did the thing that I thought was the best I was only 16 ...


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