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As a roamed through my kitchen drawer full of knickknacks, receipts, loose earrings and plenty of exploded pens there lie an elastic band. This elastic band remained perfectly in tact , without a fault , despite its surroundings it had no flaws. 
I grabbed a hold of this elastic band and slid it on to my wrist , this could come in handy. I searched further and further through my kitchen drawer but I blanked, what am I looking for? 

I gave up on my conquest in the drawer of mysterious forgotten items instead I ended up on the couch watching TV. As I watched TV I noticed myself fiddling, twisting , pulling about this elastic band on my wrist. I noticed it had begun to wore but I carried on without paying a second thought to it. I pulled so far and let it sling back on to my wrists , I knew what was going to happen ,I knew it was going to cause me pain but I did it any way. I just kept pulling this elastic band. I couldn’t stop. Suddenly I pull a little bit too far, I always do this I always take things a little too far and I let it break, snap , into two. But it’s just an elastic band. There’s always more elastic bands in the drawer.


  • Jan 21, 2019

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