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I don’t wanna write when something is empty inside me 
I’ve never done that before
Never had such an absence of urge to say 
Ive known myself in such a time of slit tongue 
Phantom to my old ways and ideas at highest degree 
Reading my words...thinking 
Like a stranger echoed my language into dream passing through night 
One chapter folded into the next 
And maybe I had awoke and forgot the rest.
The lack, mimicking days when my inside just doesn’t touch my skin, 
and I’m made to feel, or question if I’m hollow
All of these things just have such little meaning it seems 

And even as I write these words 
I’m seeing how the magic happens,
like being in the ocean 
When you ride back on the littlest troph  
Every crash and rise of water drop gaining way to shore 
It’s not going fast but it’s going 
It’s happening 
It keeps happening 
It happened again 
Just when you thought it wouldn’t 
Before you could doubt 
It carries you and creates one step then one step then another then another 
All for you 
Though it feels like it won’t every time 
That’s the game 
All for trust 


  • i really like this !!

    Jan 21, 2019

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