The House In The Woods A Text Horror Story Read Count : 4

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Sub Category : Horror

Jessica : are you ok it's  taking a long time 

Mark : I'm ok Jessica  I'm 👌

Jessica  : ok just be careful  out in those woods there was something on the news this morning about a serial killer that broke out of the asylum 🕵️‍♂️ 

Mark : I'll be fine Don't worry I'll text you in case I get lost 

Jessica  : 👌 

3 hours later 

Jessica  : Mark are there it's  been three hours  since we texted are you ok 

Mark  : yeah I think it might take a while before I get to your house I'll set up camp here just keep texting 

Jessica  : are you sure you wanna camp I could just get your location and come pick you up 

Mark : no I'm fine I'll camp 

Jessica : ok well at least tell me you brought your portable charger for you phone 

Mark  : 👍

Jessica  : thank God well I have to go eat I'll text after I'm done 

Mark  : 👌 

A few minutes later 

Jessica  : ok Mark I'm back 

Mark : I hear something outside the tent 

Jessica  : what are you talking about lol 

Mark  : it sounds like a person 

Jessica  : what 

Mark  : yeah 

Jessica  : well what does he look like 

Mark  : i.d.k let me see 

Jessica : ok 

To be continued 


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