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You looked sweet and kind, people said.

You talked nice to everyone.

You looked so religious especially when you mentioned all good stories from your own book. 

People would think that you were one of their best in your community.

Actually you were living in denial.

You were hiding with you mask.

You did not show them your real face.

You acted like you were a perfect person so they would think you were nice.

You were a fake one. A pervert and a predator for kids and teens.

You told me how religious you were.

But you were catcalling woman. 

You still talk dirty and watch porn after praying.

Then you told me how perfect yourself if you were preaching about others opinion.

You told me how much you loved you second wife wives but you still flirting with A then f*cked C.

You were bragging yourself about how good yourself with S stuffs and then you were into teens and kids.

You touched her. 

You ruined her life. 

An innocent young girl who supposed to be your daughter.

You sexually abused her and threaten her not to tell her mom about it.

Nobody knows what you did to her.

I am sickened with people like you.

You did not think with your brain but your ass.

You did know what your religion had taught but you did not educate yourself with respect and good attitude towards woman.

You only see woman as a sexual object. 

You think woman are all weak so you can play your game and used their money for your own sake.

You probably forget, your mom also a woman.

You probably forget that you has a 16 years old daughter, also a teenager.

I wonder what God would have thought about you.

I wonder what would be the best shit hell would give you as a punishment.

I do not blame religion. 

I blame to the people who used it wrong way.



  • Jan 20, 2019

  • Jan 20, 2019

  • Jan 20, 2019

  • Jan 20, 2019

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