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The sun goes down we go down the world had made us who we are they made our everything but tonight we stand down the day its over we go over and over we don't accept another apology if i accept we go down more there's no where more for somewhere to go i need to see the world in me buts its over when i reach the day its key the day i lost everything the day i don't seee anything probably this day i will GIVE UP now sometime i may never come back this day has became the day i settle down i cant go back into town my day has a frown i cant see the frown upside down the day it looks at me i see the skies down to lie very time the lie comes to life freeze down lie so pown i have the time for the settle if my ewunoix everyday i lie this day everyone seems to feell down Thats the day i haveb been hearing about the day is down from the world if its standing down this is my DAY everyday its trouble all dwy with no where to go by sunlight sundown we stand down i have seen the light going down all day i cant see nothing its too bad too look the world is crappy the world is sloppy there's nothing to do why am i like this i gave up on everyone and see what i done this is the day we stand down please forgive me son i didn't mean to give up on you please don't let me go i know what i done to you you gave me power so i cannot stand down but the world is frown i cant do this Whats MY under standing this day i give up


  • Jan 20, 2019

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