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Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance

In the beginning, there was light. An arrow of a becconing beam of uplifting spirits that all would be jealous of, sparkled in a beautiful girl. Her brown hair draped over her shoulders like silk in a golden red blaze that ended around her waist. Nothing could touch her. No being could take her away from the heavens, not even the ground could cause her to fall below her own dreams. Years went by as her world shattered around her. Her smile stayed strong under hurricane winds and sharp glass of a broken foundation that chipped away. But she didn't chip herself. She did not even jump at the sight of fear. She found love in herself. She did not know hate of her own skin and between, but at last one day she would. And beyond that feeling she tried to escape, her crumbling foundation erupted from once beautiful flowers, to an array of melted emotion, lava onto the floor. The crimson blood that ran through her once warm and enlighten body, is now dried and sorrowed. Around others, she would show a flicker of the angel she once was, but alone she would dive under the same oceans. Would she ever fight again? Could she ever love herself again? Maybe one day..yes that one day. It has finally come as soon as her body turned to dark cloudy ice. Cold-hearted, broken, dense with anger and nothingness, she had finally given up. But one day, a stranger had walked along her shores and found sure soul that she had once lost. She caught with the current and kept gasping to stay in the dark. He gave her warmth, forced light down her eyes and what happened then? She was gasping for darkness this whole time when in reality she was really fighting to feel herself breathe the air she once breathed. She light, fluffy, sweet enjoyment of happiness. He had lifted her up onto his shoulders, granting her the ability to fly, though her wings were torn from so long ago. Together they lived happily and never once starved themselves again.


  • Jan 21, 2019

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