The Shadow In The Wall Read Count : 5

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

In a house in deep deep woods,their was a man named Michael Dell Conager.He lived their a long time ago until he died from suicide, new people moved in it.It was a stable house from going inside,but a friend of Michael Dell Conager.Burned his body to not be a suspect of Dell's death back in 1908.The people that moved in had no clue of a death in the house their going to live in,they made everything new from the walls,the flooring, and everything even bought paint to paint the walls!

So one night when one of the kids named Ludwig 

Holdor Bell,was sleeping alone with his sister,Natalie 

James Mundee.When it was 12:02 AM,Natalie got up to go to the bathroom.When she got the light and turned it on she saw this weird human shaped figure,like a shadow starring at her with red eyes like blood.She screamed loudly and thrown a rock from her brothers collection at the wall,but all that done was nothing and then her parents ran to the door and turned on the lamp on the desk and seen what happened. Natalie was crying a lot and she said "I saw a man on the wall and it disappeared". Then the parents looked at eachother scared but not showing it,dad picked up Ludwig, and mom held Natalie's hand tightly, and went the their bedroom to let them sleep with them.

In the morning they all woke up and walked to the other bedroom to look for the humanly figure again but nothing showed up except a hole in the wall from the rock she had thrown at it.So dad called the police to investigate the house for anything, Natalie drawn a picture to show what it looked like since she is a amazing artist at age 7.The police saw nothing so they stayed one more night to see if anything happened, no one got up until morning and the parents walked in the room to see if anything happened the looked,and saw a message on the wall written with blood or red ink saying" DON'T GO".Now the parents were scared and packed up everything and woke the kids up and tried to leave but,the door was locked from the outside. Everyone was in a panic,then it became night again everyone couldn't sleep but everyone didn't last for long.Everyone had a flashlight to look everywhere and they all say it on the wall,the figure came of the wall in a mist and had tenticals to pull everyone in and one by one,pulled every single part of them off first arm them the other leg,head,end finally all of them torn apart and for til this day,no one I mean no one is never aloud to go into this house and no one has ever wanted to,to this day and will be like that forever.


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