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As long as you love me 

We could be starving 

We could be homeless 

We could be broke............. 

So let's ready for the break up story .

From where I can start. Okay ,not from the beginning (caused already told). No sweet memory (my previous journal). So, let's bounce to the last day of my happiest memories of my life. Every moment was precious to me that i spent with you. Shit mann. Why i am always used   these chessy lines. I have to get over it. I came here this time to tell the break up story, not any fantasy love story.

January 22, 2010

Last sweet /magical /love day with 

My Love 

When I loved her but didn't realize what i will do  in life without her. Stop using cheesy lines,Mani. Okay, last time. 

 After playing cricket, I returned to my home in afternoon on a cold winter day .And she is waiting for me .She told me that she is waiting for since morning. I explained her and her to my room. We just chatted for a while. I realized that from last few months we are so closed that it difficult to live away from each other .But, I felt this is not the right age. My father is a teacher and if I could not get good marks, he definitely judge my behavior and may be we can't live together. So, I told her that exams will coming up so we should make routine which is more of studying and less of playing or' spending time '.She agreed but she insisted to play Business (It's a stupid indoor game like chess or ludo . You can check at play store. It's basically a board where you can buy city with fake money and do business. I know it's sounds stupid). Anyways I was happy with her. After a few minute later, her younger brother came to join us (We are neighbors). Her brother was 5 year old. They have age gap of 8 years still they always fight. But I m like his best friend. I like kids. Because of him I carried away little. (Baster, he is still with her and I  am the villain. Sorry Rimmy, you know). .So basically I helped her brother to win the game with some unfair way.( You can't understand if you hadn't played. So let supposed something unfair with her in the game .For whom :Baster). So, she warned me. She seen me with frown eyes. But, now you all know how much i loved kids. I just carried away.... 

She seen with frown eyes. She stand up and burst into me. She said in a very clear word. I WILL NEEVVEER PLAY WITH YOU .And she left me.

....To be continued if you want because this is not the end. 

As long as you love me. 


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    Lisa Scranton

    good job😂

    Feb 12, 2019

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    Mriganka Bairagi

    its great

    Feb 12, 2019

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