Silver By Sil8 Ft Lil Uzi Vert And Travis Scott Drake Read Count : 41

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap

Sil8 : aye my frist rap song let's go SIL8 IN THE PARTY ONLY MY FRIENDS ALLOWED (allowed) NO KIDS ZONE 8 TO 39 SILVER lil uzi vert : let's get freaking loud let's blow up the freaking world let's go crazy crazy dont be lazy aye aye aye aye sil8 & travis scott : SIL8 IN THE PARTY SILVER POW SILVER POW SILVER POW SILVER POW sil8 : and I'm rich yo 1000 bucks in my pocket  drake : aye he's so gucci  1000 bucks in his pocket new rapper here sil8 : kid came in hes 5 said to get out hes going down sil8 and drake : now we going freaking crazy freaking crazy now we jump forever forever now we party forever it never stops this where live travis scott : aye sil8 : MAKE IT RAIN BE CRAZY SIL8 IN THE PARTY SILVER x29 aye everyone : rap rap rap rap freaking rap this is real rap rap rap rap aye aye lil uzi vert : SILVER


  • Feb 12, 2019

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