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Continuation of the first part IS LONELINESS A BOON OR CURSE

JESUS: Normally when people die they are 2 types of death expected and unexpected. Expected death is something that comes known to the person who is to die and it takes time to death whereas unexpected death comes within no time and the person who dies isn't aware of his or her death. What you are saying is about a expected death where the person before dying desires to meet all his or her family members before dying and when it is the time to die normally they cry holding the hands of those whom they love more. At the final stage when the soul is to be separated from the body. The communication breaks and the person dies but before dying the person at the last moment will know what he or she is going to get. Normally if they recognize scary ghosts have come they cry and beg to their family members not to allow this things to happen but they can't help the dying person in this but sometimes the dying person sees something more beautiful and is ready to embrace that unseen happiness awaiting him or her, as a result such persons face will smile and show that their family members needn't worry about them and fare good bye


godopediaology: sorry CHRIST, I had a doubt that's why I asked you about that

JESUS: It's OK my child, through you let few know that this is what happens after death and if possible let them make it beautiful by leading a normal good simple life free from bad things to the possible extent before dying. It should be sufficient.

JESUS: What is that deadline my child? What you are referring by that?

godopediaology: Actually I read my friends stories on the outlet and everyones story is good inspiring something but my friend satanopediaology has written a story on the earth's deadline in his story and SATAN is his hero who is the one presently fighting the sins of the Earth and he says that he is the shield of the Earth and would defend the world till his end, I am confused so I thought why don't I ask you people about this?

SATAN: What he has made me hero, look CHRIST I told you right there are lots who have pinned their hopes on me. Now it is the time that you need to accept that I am no way Inferior to you

JESUS: Smiles

Godopediaology: Why are you silent CHRIST? Say something I want to know the truth

SATAN: Gets happy and looks at CHRIST with pride and feels as if he has acquired the throne of heaven.

to be continued


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