Looking Through A Child's Eyes (34) Read Count : 16

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Finding Victory

A boy takes a trip this day, the weather feeling like it is the month of May..

Ascending to the top of the pedestal, his first time to feel incredible.

Scared to take the first few steps,a parent behind them supporting them with pep.

The foots on the pedal one, two, and three, he's off and the race begins.

The parent lets go, about and the ride shortly ends.

The child swerved of the road, and scrapes against the asphalt rock.

The knee slamming and scraping with the bikes tide.

While crying, the parent convinces them to try getting up again.

The child forced to try again and again until he keeps his balance and finally wins.


  • Feb 11, 2019

  • Feb 11, 2019

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