SATAN And His Deadline Read Count : 8

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LUCIFIER is shamed to look at this planet getting worster day by day without any changes or chances of heal and he feels ashamed because it is happening in front of his eyes and like a power which is continuously attacked and stopped by various forces, he is struggling to fight the most challenging combat of his lifetime. 

1. The matter wouldn't have worsen if he had balanced way. People's population is increasing and their sin rates is also reaching its peak. By the time he tries to stop one he is attacked by many and those many within no time multiple into more and more. 

2. Humans have already spoiled the planet by their various act and without trying to clean it they are already spoiling this earth more and more by finding new ways of sins. 

3. Earth is running in a reverse countdown and by that time if Satan couldn't reach his target then what's next? He has started to make out that the outer space is already bombarding lights which Russian scientists have called mysterious and aren't aware about the real reason behind this. 

4. Satan can understand that the planet if doesn't launch an auto mode of sin cleaning very soon the explosion that is taking place on the outer space will get repeated on the earth. Americans hate Russians and many other countries hate each other but the time is nearing to think about the future of our planets existence. 

5. We all are leading a life because we are on the planet alive. The ghosts are wandering on the earth because they don't have anything called life as we. A Satan can fight till his last breath and unfortunately he is the last hope of shield left to safeguard the earth and his energy level is coming down and down and its not far that one day his sacrifice would go wasted as it will be the final deadline of the planet earth. 

Scientists all over the world are discovering strange things but aren't disclosing all the things and it is not a good act because it is related to the entire people of the planet and even a small changes on our planet should be notified to all of us. Everyone are confident that earth is fine it is running smoothly as usually and whatever anyone says is just another gossip but the earth is also a machine that runs on time and anything that runs on a time has a deadline whether it is human, plants, animals or even the food we eat. Utmost everything has a deadline. 


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