Is Loneliness A BOON Or Curse? Read Count : 7

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

SATAN: Always godopediology has strange topics on the discussion board and this time it is loneliness. What you say CHRIST?

JESUS: Wait Satan, O child what you mean by this?

godopediaology: According to a survey conducted by truth theory and granset, the report says that about 75% of the older population in UK are suffering from loneliness. Due this sickness of both physical and mental stress is seen which results in lack of interest in both life and work and due to this the UK govt is spending about $26 million per year. Is it so dangerous?

SATAN: What rubbish, who has conducted that research and has given useless reports of this types. Loneliness makes people more financially strong and has less burden and makes them fulfill all their desires. I think the one who has conducted that research was a family man fed up with his or her life and have come to spoil others lives in the world. Don't believe that research reports loneliness is the best thing that anyone can get.

JESUS: Shut up Satan. What you are preaching here has no base and is indeed a spell of curse those who follow it. Loneliness is good for some good purpose like IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING IT IS A BOON but at the same time NO LIFE ON THE EARTH CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT DEPENDING ON OTHERS. GOD created the darkness and to bring some meaning created light. If GOD would have made only darkness could have the world survived without light. Both MALE AND FEMALE ARE 2 FACES OF THE SAME COIN But due to the sin that has covered the whole world makes each one to stay lonely but when they die no one want to die alone and for this reason though A LIFE DIE ENTERS THE SOUL STATUS IT WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE THAT EXACTLY ON THE SAME TIME AS IT GOT CONVERTED INTO SOUL THEY ARE LAKHS MORE WHO HAVE DIED AND ALSO JOIN THE SOUL IN ITS FURTHER JOURNEY. See this is what I call it as THE MERCY OF ALMIGHTY GOD, Even after death GOD doesn't want us to be alone in the status of soul and keeps us in the company of many souls who would accompany you to the kingdom of GOD.

godopediaology: Then my friend CHRIST Why people cry before dying? If you say GOD keeps them accompanied by souls like them, then the dying person should laugh instead of crying

SATAN: laughs loudly but looks at CHRIST and stops himself.

to be continued....... 


  • fact check

    Feb 11, 2019

  • Good

    Feb 11, 2019

  • Loneliness is not a bad thing. It allows the individual to take a step back to analyze, reflect, and to asses humanity and the world singularly and as a whole. Fear of loneliness has prevented us from growing and letting others grow as individuals. I know this is only fiction but it doesn't fall short from fact.

    Feb 11, 2019

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