A Black History Story The Play Clip 1 Read Count : 3

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The curtains rise and a black woman is seen scrubbing  the floor with a sponge and another woman is seen dusting everything off while walking up to the door. But then a white man busts into the door in anger and his wife walks in but she looks sad and worried about him but then the man bumps into the woman who is dusting

Mr. Bitterbuck: watch where ya walking you sick twisted African piace of mud 

Jessica: Sorry Mr. Bitterbuck 

Mr. Bitterbuck: you best be sorry next time that happens I'm gonna hang ya 

Jessica: It won't happen again I promise 

Mr. Bitterbuck: good now get out my site 

The two girls go into the next room and they close the door the girl who was scrubbing the floor sits down on the bed. But Jessica  stands up near the bed 

Jessica: Man I'm getting sick of Mr. Bitterbuck 

Elizabeth: I mean come on it's not his fault his daughter died because a gang of black people accused her of being racist and they beat her to death so no wonder Mr. Bitterbuck hates us 

Jessica: but still in the bible it says to forgive and forget why can't  he do it 

Elizabeth: well I mean she just died three weeks ago plus how would you feel if your child died like that 

Jessica: I mean I guess your right 

Elizabeth: Girl of course I'm right I don't  even remember a time when I was wrong 

Then Mr. Bitterbuck  turns to his wife 

Mr. Bitterbuck: I told them not to let them into the party but what did they do they let those bit sized nigro's into the party and look what happened 

To be continued 


  • Feb 10, 2019

  • Feb 11, 2019

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