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There are no pills to take 
No needles to sting
When your emotions cry out for help 
Try this thing

You can get it any time
Either night or day 
It doesn’t cost a dime
It’s great when you don’t pay
                             ( right away)
It’s simple to apply 
It brightens up your room
There are choices you can try
To alleviate the gloom

 I know you’ve figured out
What this is all about 
Rocket Science it is not
But for  some it hits the spot 

You can watch it on the screen 
And change what you are seeing 
You can view it with intense
Or view it like you’re dreaming 

Of course there’re other ways
To battle this pain-cloud
We use what works the best 
To get it off your chest 

Excuse me gotta stop
Have to make a change 
Can’t find the damn remote 
It’s somewhere out of range 


  • Feb 11, 2019

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