The Burning Birds Chapter 1 Rise Of The Tower Read Count : 1

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Sub Category : Fantasy

Chapter 1 rise of the Tower 

Look mommy look said the young boy sitting in the back seat of his mom's car what is it honey she asked while turning to face her son. Red fog he replied while putting his index finger  on the car doors window and tapping it in the process he even had his face against  the window looking at whatever it was that he described. The mother turned to see a great blood red fog emerging  from the near by forest Oh! God she screamed while buckling him up with the seatbelt. And driving carefully and over the speed limit but it happened like the world just turned into the scripture named revolation the ground started to break open and more red fog covered the highway. The world started to shake and the young boy in the back seat started to scream mommy I'm scared mommy I'm scared he kept saying over and over making his mother replied in such anger and fear. Shut up he looked at her while he stopped screaming she turned to him and turned to the front window over and over  sorry honey I'm scared too she said in calm but yet not calm as she turned the top of a Tower began to rise to reveal a dark black Tower surrounded by blood red fog. And then without anywhere else to drive the mother crashed into the rising tower 

A few seconds later the car began to catch on fire but then as the mother sat her head down on the steering  wheel a black figure was seen in the window and then. SCRAPE SCRAPE  SCRAPE  SCRAPE  the figure was trying open the door. But then it happened  again SCRAPE SCRAPE SCRAPE  and then a different  noise was heard CLICK  the door Popped right open then the figure grabbed the mother pulling her out of the flames. The when she was free of the flames she could see the figure coming back into the car carefully with a wet fowl over him and Oh boy was that fowl wet heck while entering the car half of the fire was put out. Then a few more seconds later the figure clones back out with the young boy in his or her arms as the figure walked up to the woman the figure handed the young boy to her. Thank you so much she said while hugging her child and holding out the other to shake the figures hand my name is Rachel she said as the figure took the towl to reveal a man that looked like he was in his twentys he had Red eyes. And he was wearing all black he had black hair and twelve O clock after shave and this is my son Geroge she said as the man helped her up my name he said in a normal human voice is Herman wood locker. She looked at him in confusion 

Chapter 2 coming soon 


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