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LUCIFIER thought of chilling out the Sunday and entered a multiplex near his place and watched the movie Alita and felt both confused and as well got lost in the memories of those centuries old ladies who were exceptionally dearer to him. 

1. While watching Alita, Satan got an idea and watched Xena the warrior prince on YouTube and felt thrilled looking at the fight sequence and how brave was the lady fighting in it. As he was watching Xena, LUCIFIER remembered one of  his favorite Lady ATHENA or Minerva and thought for himself DOES THIS TYPES OF LADIES KNOW TO LOVE? 

2. Normally this types of ladies are so rough that they usually act like mens and even loving them won't be lesser than a combat but on the other hand it is possible but they are few ladies who can't be loved or in other words THEY DON'T HAVE THAT FEELINGS ITSELF IN THEM

3. LUCIFIER is speaking about those ladies whom you may try as many times as possible but chances are zero in bringing love in them. It's no suspence Satan is taking about virgin mary. This types of ladies are usually born with a heart of service, goodness and usually don't like to fall in love. 

4. Why is LUCIFIER remembering this ladies because Satan has a unique power of remembering those who were once his favorite and Satan doesn't feel down in accepting that looking at the qualities of this womens he never had felt moody on them but liked to be loved by them. 

5. Anyhow neither Athena nor Mary is alive but LUCIFIER is and this Satan has a unique way of recognizing those types of special ladies. He is indeed looking out for those types of ladies because they are completely different from the ladies on this planet. Something is different which makes them unique from others and it shows to those who are near to those types of ladies and sometimes they feel gifted but the problem arises WHEN THE LIKING TURNS INTO LOVE AND IF THEIR LOVE SUCCEEDS IT MAKES THEIR LIVES HEAVENLY BLISSFUL BUT IF IT FAILS THE CONSEQUENCES ARE COMPLETELY DANGEROUS AND SOMETIMES IT END UP IN DESTRUCTION OF EVERYTHING. 

Never fall in love if you are to pay those things which isn't a good deal but as it always says we can't predict the happenings prior. Just a movie watching has brought so much of idea in LUCIFIER'S mind but still this types of ladies are good for being watched fighting and not to be loved and if they have to be loved than we need to wait till they are in the mood to love and it is a very rare case but WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR LUCIFIER WHEN HE CAN GO ON WITH LILITH. Nothing should be impossible for the mighty SATAN. 


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