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        If I hear one more person, tell me I shouldn’t believe everything I hear, when they still believe every little thing their parents had told them growing up, then I give up. When I show them a film or documentary that disproves with strong evidence what they had grown up believing, that is the invariable answer I get. I then tell them the same thing. 

        (Now, this isn’t another rant about Christianity, I’m only using this as a quick example so please bear with me.)

       If your parents raised you by telling you there is a Heaven and a Hell, and angels and demons, and I show you concrete evidence disproving this, you’re going to tell me I shouldn’t believe everything I hear?! What is that? You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. 

       With the Judeo-Christian God, I don’t believe in any of it. The Bible that is read in churches doesn’t contain the correct version of the actual genuine bible. However, that’s a whole other deal I mentioned previously I wasn’t getting into. This is only an example of one of the many things going on in the world. To myself and others aware with themselves and the world around them, who have sought the truth, asked questions, discovered answers, and then asked more questions, this is a reality. To many, many others, they consider it a “conspiracy.”

        I know there are demons living among us. However, they’re not Satan’s minions or anything like that. They are inner-dimensional beings, or spiritual guides, that are neither good nor bad. There are no morals. Humans created the morals that are still practiced today. I believe humans need to have “good” and “bad.” Otherwise, since each generation is genetically becoming less intelligent, we would have killed each other a long time ago. Yes, we are getting dumber. 

        With all the advancements in technology today, we hear people talk about how we humans, are the most advanced we have ever been. This is incredibly false. In genetics, each generation that is born is only a part of the previous gene. It’s like the wooden Russian nesting dolls that fit inside each other. That’s a biological fact. But, we don’t need that to see this. The standardized test designed to measure human intelligence quotient, or IQ, scores are at an all-time low. They’ve been at a steady decline for a very long time. 

        Genetics isn’t the only thing to blame here, however. There have been dramatic changes in our education systems, nutrition, a decline in reading (if you’re reading this, fucking give yourself a pat on the back for me), the current media environment, and an increase in online activity. Now, hold your tongue for a sec, I know this is an online activity here, but I’m not saying I’m not contributing to the problem, I definitely am. I eat like shit and spend more time escaping in books than I do trying to help humanity. 

         Humans were at the height of their intelligence when building the pyramids. Now, we cannot even fathom how these were built. The only way we could’ve gained the information to build such a structure, would be from a more intelligent being. If you’ve seen Ancient Aliens, then you should know what I’m talking about. But, they weren’t aliens. They were the demons (daemons), the spiritual guides that told us what to do. They had humans slave away tirelessly to erect these huge monuments. Weird, we were at our most advanced when we were slaves. 

         Around these areas, archaeologists have discovered human skulls, but that wasn’t all they had found. They had found other skulls with huge cone-shaped backs everywhere. They look like what we believe aliens to look like. How they can tell the difference between a human skull and another animal, is we have a line on the top, middle of our skulls that runs down both sides, this is where our skull comes together and connects. Every human skull has one, but these other humanoid skulls do not. 

          And you know what? Neither do monkeys. 

          None of our bone structure matches that of a monkey structure. We couldn’t have evolved from monkeys. This means we are not even animals… 

          But remember, don’t believe everything you hear. 


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