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   One of my favorite movies from my later early spring to adulthood. This particular movie was relatable with me for numerous reasons. The storyline tells a story of a boy and girl, who are around middle school age. This boy is a creative lad, who is looked as somewhat of an outcast. One day, this social sweetheart comes to town and stokes his imagination to far higher levels. He is conflicted between his dad's "we live on the ground attitude" and his new friend's "you have the power to soar in the skies attitude".

   This movie released in 2007, made an amazing debut among kids and teenagers around my age. Every single character in the show, devastated when this girl dies at the hands of a horrible accident. They flock to support him including the school bully, his mortal enemy at the beginning of the show. True to life, I would recommend all creative persons to see this magical world created by Disney, if you are able. The magic of the mind, can be opened up to far more lengths and inspire us to create new worlds.


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    Feb 09, 2019

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