Dark Night Read Count : 7

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

Sitting on the floor of a corner of an empty room. The night allows only the glimmer of the moon to shine through the window adjacent to the wall that connects to my corner. Why am I in here? I think to myself. Then all of my surpressed feelings that were locked in a chest and hidden in the deepest cave in the ocean of my mind were released to the surface. Suddenly, the room began to fill with water and I heard a light familiar sobbing in the other side of the room. "Who is there?", I yell out. I thought I was alone. The sobbing now starts to get louder and closer as the sound of feet dragging through the water comes towards me. "Stay away! I'm warning you!" Yet my warnings are like a kitten's hiss, non-threatning. Closer and closer it gets. All the while, I am dreading to see who this is. Eyes shut and hands to my ears, I whisper... "Please don't come any closer". The sobbing stops and I sense someone or something standing in front of me. I slightly open my eyes...

To be continued....


  • Feb 09, 2019

  • Feb 09, 2019

  • Feb 09, 2019

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